belloo dog waste bins


Our dog waste bin "belloo-combi-luca" is unique in its appearance, its function and handling, and extracting the dog waste bags is easy and economical. The belloo-combi-luca is mountable anywhere, and it is available in different colours. Whether in a classic green, a fresh blue, a cheeky red or an elegant anthracite, we are sure to be able to offer you the adequate belloo-combi-luca for your particular area and needs. 



Technical Data

Technical DataBin 2 mm steel sheet, electronically galvanized and powder coated in different colours
ColourSee models
Weight17,2 kg
Measures (W/D/H)390 mm / 260 mm / 740 mm
Capacity60 litres
Key lockSquare latch 6 mm
Optionally square 8 mm, triangular 7 / 8 mm
Opening (W/H)325 x 90 mm optionally separated in two openings of 145 x 90 mm
Bag dispenser capacity400 belloo dog waste bags


  • Easy mounting
  • Easy handling
  • Due to the pack system, it is also possible to refill with bags even if there are still bags left to be extracted
  • Dog waste bags will not get stuck when extracted
  • Easy emptying of waste
  • Compact design (less surface that is exposed to vandals)
  • Easy cleaning when soiled (it is possible to take out the entire bin; due to matt surface protected against greasy fingerprints or other small impurities)
  • Offers a variety of mounting possibilities (accessory posts, round posts, lamp posts, walls etc.)
  • Small opening (prevents illegal dumping of domestic garbage and offers protection against plundering animals, like foxes, crows etc.).
  • Possibility to amplify the opening (simply by unscrewing the muntin)
  • Lockable
  • Adaptable due to colour concept
  • Very inexpensive
  • Protection against corrosion due to electrolytically galvanized and powder coated steel sheet



 Handling and replacement




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