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dog waste bins and waste collection bags for parks, streets, events, tourist areas, private grounds.

bins in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, easy to install and easy to maintain, simple opening mechanisms for quick and safe disposal of contents.

dog waste bags, bag dispensers, replacement packs.

cigarette bins (ashtry bins)/

general litter bins for parks, events and concerts.

Our dog waste collectin bins were designed to be practical and easy to use.

The bins can come with bag dispensers attached, or for general dog waste collection.



Our bag dispeners are easy to install and use, and replacement of bag packs is straight forward.

Replacement bags can be ordered in a variety of colours, and numbers.





Keeping your particular grounds or park clean is important these days, and also a matter of legislation.

Both children and adults play on the grass, grass that may have been visited by a dog, and dog waste can pass germs to humans as well as other dogs.

Keeping a park or tourist area clean is important for the look of the area, and to attract visitors, people with families that wish to feel safe.



Dog waste can contain worms and other parasites, which can be spread from dog to dog.

You do not want your own loved pet to become infected, nor would you wish other dogs to become infected. and vet bills are expensive.

At belloo, we produce a wide range of dog waste bins, dog waste bags, ashtry bins and general litter bins - great products at great prices, a variety of styles and colours to suit.

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The Belloo range of products have been carefully designed by Walter and Severin Mosimann and manufactured to the highest standards in Switzerland. For more information please contact Marisa is Switzerland on 0041 41 259 20 67 or Adam in the United Kingdom on 0044 2920 450 128.


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